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Helping job hunters and career climbers find their calling

We offer guidance and advice for candidates looking for new roles, as well as guidance for start-ups looking to expand their teams. If you are looking to find a job where your skills will be appreciated and made use of, where you can grow as a person and as an employee, move up the career-ladder, and have a real impact on the success of a blossoming new enterprise, you should contact our Colchester-based recruitment agency for start-ups.

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Kick-start your career

Are you looking for a high-quality role in the South East?

We offer a range of exciting roles, as well as assistance with CVs and interviews, and guidance in finding the right work for you. As a Colchester-based recruitment agency for start-ups, we provide new businesses with the staff they need, enabling you to be with an up-and-coming business from its beginnings. This is a great way for many managers to work themselves into senior positions if the company they join performs well and expands quickly.





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Find the latest roles at our Colchester-based recruitment agency for start-ups.

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Are you looking to get the right staff for your new business?

Do you need managers, accountants, salespeople, IT specialists, tradespeople, analysts, engineers, and all the other personnel your business needs?

MST Recruitment Ltd are a Colchester-based recruitment agency for start-ups, and we are here to help your business move forwards fast. Better still, we will match your recruits to your business ensuring a cultural fit that will benefit your business, potentially for many years to come, with personnel who will help your business to flourish.



How it works for new businesses: The MST Process




The process begins with an initial chat about who you need, and when. From there we can assess how best to fill these roles.



Further chat

To discuss roles and culture. Whoever you require, we are here to get you the personnel with the right skills and the right cultural fit.




Staff search

MST will search for staff. We will then email over relevant candidates, look to match both the requirement of role but also company, and personality.




Once you take on the staff member – no payment is taken before you are happy you’re your new employee.



Free replacement

If someone leaves or is rightfully terminated from their placement.



Get in touch

If your business needs to find the right people quickly, call or email us today.





Why choose MST Recruitment?




Our rates are just 12.5%, enabling a start-up business to get the people it needs quickly, without a large initial outlay.


 Proven industry experience

We have a great track record in recruiting for start-ups having been involved in the recruitment industry for 20 years.


 Tailored, honest service

Our approach to recruitment is to match both client and recruit in terms of talent, qualifications capability, and cultural fit. 





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Can we help grow your business or career?

 Find your staff, or find your new career path, with MST Recruitment, the Colchester-based recruitment agency for start-ups.
Call 07916 026 599, or email sadiq@mst-rec.co.uk.

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